These are some projects that I have engaged on in my spare time or as an open-source adjunct to my work. These projects do not represent my professional work.

This is an open-source project that provides an application server support system for the software package-management services of the Haiku-OS project. The application server is concerned with supporting community interactions around packages (rating, screenshots, icons etc…) as well as providing a web-accessible catalogue of the packages. The project is hosted on GitHub. The application server provides an AngularJS-based single-page web interface as well as a set of JSON-RPC web services that supports a C/C++ desktop client (separate project) that is provided with the operating system.

This is an Arduino-controlled lights sculpture developed with the C language. The video of the artwork shown here is known to work with either the Firefox or Chrome web browsers. The lights are able to perform a series of animations which can be viewed using the links below the video. The control-box for the lights looks like this;


Haiku is a desktop operating system originally based on concepts and APIs originally present in BeOS. My C/C++ contributions have tended to be related to the JSON-parsing, URL handling and the HaikuDepot desktop application’s interfacing with the HaikuDepotServer application server. You can view my contributions here.

Apache Cayenne is an object-relational-mapping (ORM) system for the java environment. You can view a talk about Cayenne here that describes Cayenne. I have contributed fixes, patches and enhancements over the years. You can view my changes here and here.

deen is a small command line bi-lingual dictionary for German - English. Deen is is written in ANSI-C and should compile and run on most UN*X-like systems and Windows as well.


jsonrpc4j is a library that supports the vending as well as consumption of JSON-RPC web services on the java platform. You can view my contributions here.

pdi-xero is a “step” plugin for Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) that is able to import data from the Xero accounting system into ETL processes in order to perform such tasks as the production of data warehouses. This article describes some basic techniques around how to get started with this plugin.

photocat is a small command-line or desktop application that can be used to produce (digital) quasi contact sheets from a collection of still or video image files. This software is written with the Java language. You can view a sample output from this program. One can also create a novel PDF theme using XSLT templates.